Yanmar 1.7t Excavator

Good home handy man machine ideal for trenching, footings, excavations, section clearing and earth moving
Easy to operate, efficient in tight narrow spaces, 3 buckets and expanding rubber tracks.

Retractable/expanding rubber tracks are ideal for travel through gates, doorways or alongside homes.

Comes on a purpose built trailer or delivery to site can be arranged.


  • Roll Over Protection (ROPs) for operator safety
  • Expanding Rubber Tracks
  • Back-fill Blade

Cleaning – 870mm
Medium Digging – 430mm
Trenching – 280mm
Maximum digging depth – 2310mm

Diesel Operated
Max. Travel Speed – 4.3 km/h
Weight – 1,730kg
Width – 950/1280mm
Dump Height Clearance – 2630mm

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