Road Sign – Various


At Timaru Hire we have a vast range of different Traffic Management Road Signage to suit all your needs.

We have the following signs:
– 30km, 70km and 100km Speed Limit Signs
– Detour Ahead, Detour Ends and Detour Direction Signs
– Left Lane Narrows Symbol and Right Lane Narrows Symbol Signs
– Attention/ Danger Exclamation Mark Symbol Signs
– Loose Gravel Symbol Signs
– Road Works Symbol Signs
– No Left Turn and No Right Turn Symbol Signs
– No U Turn Symbol Signs
– Please Stop on Request Symbol and Worded Signs
– “On Side Road” Signs
– Priority Over Incoming Vehicles Symbol Signs
– “Temporary” Signs – White Arrow on Blue Background Symbol Signs
– “Road Closed Ahead” Signs
– Stop and Go “Lollipop” Signs
– “Tree Felling” Signs
– “Works End” Signs
– “Shoulder Closed” Signs
– “Please Use Side Road” Signs
– “Special Event” Signs

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